Launch day for Apple Island Wife!

It’s been a turbulent week. Oliver, my Other Half, always says you have to take the rough with the smooth, or as he puts it, the “ultra-smoove”. Once an Essex boy, always an Essex boy.

On the upside, Apple Island Wife, the book, the birth, the long-awaited tome, is designed, blurbed, raising its head above the parapet and waving a pair of gaily coloured undergarments ready for official release on Thursday 1st November!

Hallelujah, and let the golden trumpets of literary greatness sound!

Last week it was uploaded onto Amazon, iBooks and Kindle for pre-order, in Australasia, the UK and the Americas. It could be elsewhere as well, for all I know! Ireland? Haven’t checked! It is gradually becoming available, in ebook and paperback, in all the places people look, and in some places with postage from the UK!

Somewhere in England, print machines are running off copies and binding them in the gorgeous cover. Pretty soon, my publisher Unbound will send the files to a distributor in Tasmania, so copies can be printed for the bookshops here.

Pledgers who so kindly supported me during crowdfunding, you will get yours very shortly! If you pledged for an ebook, this will be sent soon after publication. If you pledged for a paperback, you must wait a little longer, as your limited editions are printed separately – they are larger and altogether grander.

But as if that’s not exciting enough, this week went off like a rocket. Not a NASA-style rocket fuelled by octane, maybe just a hybrid rocket driven by a middle aged lady.

Last week my story was featured by the Department of State Growth within the Tasmanian government, on their website Make It Tasmania.

Fiona Stocker on Make It Tasmania

On the strength of this and whatever publicity I’ve been generating in my torrid efforts on social media, Apple Island Wife has been bobbing up and down in a most invigorated manner in the rankings which Amazon updates hourly.

Last Sunday evening, I lay in bed and watched as it climbed the bestseller lists (before it’s been published!) to number 2 in one of the Australian travel categories, and top ten in three of them. That’s far more excitement than is normally experienced in our bedroom of a Sunday evening.

Apple Island Wife ranking on bestseller list

For a while there it was nestling alongside Anthony Bourdain, whom we all miss so sadly, and squished between Jeremy Clarkson and Bill Bryson, which was quite comfy.

How can a book be a bestseller before it’s released? Well the rankings are updated hourly. So if a handful of people were pre-ordering Apple Island Wife, but not buying Bill Bryson because he’s been out for a while, up, up, up we go!

And then down, down, down the next day….. but then up again! (Number 6 as I write – see the category live here.)

It’s excellent news, because the bookselling algorithms and gremlins latch onto it and promote it as a ‘Hot New Release’. It’s not often I’m referred to as ‘Hot’ so I’ll take it, thanks.

Too much information??? Undoubtedly. But for an author, this stuff matters and I’ll be living and breathing it from here on.

Did you know that Dickens was serialised and people used to buy the next chapter of Our Mutual Friend or whatever in paper copy from a street vendor? Serialisation has a long and honourable history as a means of creating market interest. So I’m honoured and thrilled that Apple Island Wife has been selected for serialisation in the digital age by The Pigeonhole, along with Jeffrey Archer’s latest! I didn’t have to go to prison for inspiration, but it’s probably auspicious company.

Meanwhile, what can you do  other than pre-order a copy or wait patiently for yours to arrive? Limber up those reviewing fingers, ladies and gents! Because the other thing that matters is reviews – yes, reviews on Amazon, Kindle, iBook or wherever you like to purchase, and reviews on Goodreads. These are gold to an author and her ranking status (and consequent excitement in the bedroom, see above.)

Thank you so much for your interest if you have pledged or pre-ordered or marked it as ‘want to read’ on Goodreads. Your support has got us this far and will keep it soaring up the charts! Keep reading and clicking!

Fiona – aka the Apple Island Wife

2 thoughts on “Launch day for Apple Island Wife!

  1. I’ve read your book! It was wonderful. Warm, funny and thoroughly entertaining. Thank you for inviting me into your lives. And I know it’s a bit too early but I’m already hoping for a sequel because you can never have too much of a good thing.


    1. Hello Helen
      Thank you for reading my book!! And for your lovely comments. It’s great to hear from a bona fide reader! The good news is, there is a sequel! Saddleback Wife. I could not stop Oliver from becoming further interested in pigs. Not only did we buy and keep them but we made a business out of it. So the sequel is a look at setting up a tiny, gourmet farm and food business – and becoming pig farmers. I’ll be crowdfunding it and then publishing it in 2019-20.
      If you’d like to keep in touch, hop onto my website and sign up.
      Also if you are that way inclined, please do review the book online – anywhere like Goodreads or Amazon or wherever you found it – it’s hugely helpful in getting it out there!
      Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!
      Fiona x


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