Home schooling questions on the film 'Love Actually'

We’re at home today with one child, two from tomorrow. Obviously English is one subject I feel a bit qualified to help mine with. So here’s the first assignment I’m setting my year eleven daughter. It’s based on the film Love Actually, which we’ve watched a few times recently in an effort to keep cheerful. I might brainstorm these questions with her and then let her write a few lines on each one. And I might even give the same questions to my thirteen year old son tomorrow and work through them with him.. wish me luck there!

Love Actually Essay Questions

What is the central moral (or message) of the film?

HINTS: What is the film about? Don’t tell me what happens in the plot – what is the film’s main theme? And how does it establish that theme, in which scene? What is it saying about this theme as the film goes on?

How does the film tell its story? What techniques does it use?

HINTS: think about how many characters, how the storyline develops.

What are some of the qualities of the film that make it especially British?

HINTS: where is it set? And are there any other things about the characters in it that make it feel very British?

What is especially comical about Jamie and Aurelia’s courtship?

HINTS: no hints here, this should be easy!!

Why does Billy leave the party at Elton John’s and how does this relate to what the film is about?

HINTS: think about what Billy says when he gets to his manager’s flat.

3 thoughts on “Home schooling questions on the film 'Love Actually'

  1. Dear Fiona,
    Sorry for posting a comment that is not related to the content of the post. But I have a quick question.
    I can’t find the book ‘ Saddleback wife’ that you mentioned at the end of ‘Apple island wife’ anywhere.
    I really enjoyed reading your book and wish to have the next one. When will it be released? 🙂
    Best regards,


  2. Hello! Don’t worry about posting comments in the wrong place, any old place is fine and it’s nice to hear from you!

    The sequel Saddleback Wife is not out yet. It takes a while to write a book, and also to find a way of supporting oneself while doing the writing, sadly! But the good news is, I’m working on it now. It will be more of the same of our story, about setting up and running our small farm business, and also a bit of a tour de force of the Tasmanian food and farming scene, which I’ve been writing about for magazines for a few years. Your best bet for hearing about its release, when the time comes, is to keep an eye on my Instagram or Facebook (Fiona Stocker Writer on both). Or go to my website (click HOME) above and sign up for my newsletter. I don’t send out many, but will definitely do so if I’ve got the next book coming out.

    Thanks so much for being a reader, and for enjoying Apple Island Wife enough to want more – it’s always wonderful for a writer to hear that someone has enjoyed their book. Have a great day, and stay safe and well.


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