Crowdfunding with Unbound

So next year, I’m publishing a travel writing memoir with independent UK publisher Unbound, the world’s first crowdfunding publisher.

Here’s the latest update from my campaign page on the Unbound website, about how the crowdfunding is going. In a nutshell, almost there!!


The book is 90% funded. I have a couple more conversations and meetings this week and then that should be it. I fully intend to finish crowdfunding by mid December. After that, Unbound will get on with editing, design and production, and things get truly exciting.

Why the long news drought? Well it’s been pretty busy here. It’s springtime in the southern hemisphere of course, and Oliver and I have been working like the clappers in our farm and food business, taking our marquee to all the lovely spring events in northern Tasmania to feed delicious farm-made gourmet pork sausages to hungry punters. This has been rewarding and enjoyable, but very hard work. I had to sustain myself with fresh artisan apple cider, craft beers and locally made Pinot Gris. It’s a hard life.

One of those events was one I helped organise – the state funded Farmgate Festival in the lovely area where I live, the Tamar Valley. Fifteen farms, including our own, opened for the weekend and welcomed visitors for farm tours, meetings with piglets, and more sausages. Here I am opening the chamber of smokiness, while Oliver charms bearded gentlemen with his tube of fire and steel (the smoker he uses to cook the sausages).

Being one of the organisers of Farmgate, and working weekends with Langdale Farm, meant seven day weeks for a couple of months. Exhausting, and time consuming. And so, many things got put on the back burner.

Crowdfunding this book didn’t get put entirely on hold as it’s the single most important thing I’ve done in the past ten years, apart from raising my children. Have I mentioned how grateful I am to you lot, who have come to my aid in this adventure? Sincerely, thanks, so much – few things I’ve done in my life have such a sense of achievement attached to them.

Supporters have come out of the woodwork to pitch in. People I was at school with, at university with, people I worked early jobs with, people I flat shared and ignored washing up with in London, people I’ve danced, partied and shared the vagueries of life with, staunch supporters from my book club and writers’ group, and quite a few friends from around here.

Thank you one and all, it has been heartening and humbling.

My ongoing impressions of Unbound? Well, I keep an eye on their social media pages and watch the experiences of fellow authors. We have a private group on Facebook and share tips, hints and information about our writing and publishing experience. All the indications are good – Unbound use excellent editors and book designers, and I’ve seen some stunning work. I can’t wait to see a professional jacket design for Apple Island Wife!

Occasionally, auspicious company pops up. The other day, the author who dropped by the Unbound offices to sign some copies of his lates book was Jonathon Coe, no less, previously published by a mainstream publisher, but now opting to work with Unbound.

On that encouraging note, I’m going to get on with my week, and will be back in touch soon.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment! I’d love to chat.

Meantime, here’s a poser for you. The book is currently called Apple Island Wife: Escape to Tasmania. The latter half of that mouthful, the subtitle, is really important. It has to sum things up, and it must also contain the word ‘Tasmania’ because it’s an essential keyword, and I’m thinking of e-book sales.

One Woman’s Adventures on Five Acres in Tasmania’ – was too long and too much about me.

‘Escape to Tasmania‘ – may not be quite right either.

Adventures in Food and Living in Tasmania’ – thoughts? Alternatives?

Until next time,


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