Milestone! 33% in 30 days!

I wasn’t feeling all that resilient about things on Friday night when I reversed into a decorative pillar on the front of our house. The pillar didn’t feel that resilient either, and was shunted out of place at both its upper and lower completely useless and non-structural capitals.

However, there is reason to be cheerful! The crowdfunding campaign for Apple Island Wife, the book, reached 30% within the first 30 days, and it’s reckoned that those campaigns which make this milestone are generally successful.


Excuse me while I just take a seat on my laurels for a brief moment! It’s a bit of a roller coaster ride and I could do with a sit down. Somebody get my husband to bring me a cup of tea, would you?

Fiona Stocker, author of Apple Island Wife
Excuse me while I rest on my laurels

Thank you to those of you who have visited my campaign page and pledged your support. It has been a humbling and exciting experience to see people pre-ordering copies, and occasionally going further and booking their spot at the launch complete with glass of Tasmanian cool climate sparkling! I love you all.

To those who have ignored my beseeching emails, yes I’m sorry they were too long, but please visit my page and have another look! There’s a Tassie Special and every cent pledged, even the postage costs, counts in helping me reach my target – and get this baby off the ground!

I’ve been giving some thought in my idle moments (waiting for a child to brush its teeth, get into its pyjamas, tear itself away from tormenting its sibling) to why exactly I am doing this, and why I might want to get this book published?

Well, two answers, as life is never simple. One is that it contains lovely stories about Tasmania. Tourism Tasmania spends a lot of time and money imploring people to come here and ‘live like a local’ as that’s what people want when they visit – a taste of what it’s like to live the dream in this rural idyll.

Fiona Stocker, author of Apple Island Wife
The rural idyll, although this is a squirrel, and so very un-Australian

Well I’ve been ‘living the dream’ and pretending to be a local for ten years now, and have collected stories about the mistakes we made and the adventures we’ve had. This book is exactly what I look for when I’m visiting somewhere and want a literary souvenir to take home with me. And it’s the sort of armchair travel read I look for when I want to have a window onto somewhere entirely different. I’d love to find this book on the shelves at Launceston Airport, and Petrarch’s and Fuller’s and anywhere else that visitors – or locals – might look to find a small ray of reading sunshine. I’d see it as doing my bit for Tasmania, however tiny.

The other reason I’d like to get it published is, bloody hell, for me!! I’ve been belting away at the keyboard for some years now, writing it, back it, believing in it. Lots of people have been kind enough to say they enjoyed it, and some of those were publishers. They didn’t want to publish it, well some did but their buyers said no, but that’s all par for the norm in publishing. J K Rowling had Harry Potter rejected eight times before she was offered a contract. It doesn’t mean your work’s not good. It just means you haven’t found the right avenue yet. I know this is readable, enjoyable, humorous and lovely work. And I’m a writer, so I want it out there. Okay?

Fiona Stocker at her writing desk
The author, belting away at the keyboard

Enough said! After I moaned in the ear of my Man At Unbound over the weekend by email, about the shunted pillars and the crowdfunding doldrums, he sent me a very kind pep talk and told me that all campaigns experience a lull and to keep the faith.

So keep the faith with me – and if you haven’t pledged yet – please do so! And help me do my bit for Tassie – and get published!


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