Exciting news comes in twos

I’m definitely going off a bit early here, but I’ve done two things today which promise excitement. Then again, they could be complete fizzers.

This morning I booked a trip to Sydney for my family. And this afternoon I submitted the manuscript of Apple Island Wife to Unbound, with the plan for a crowdfunding campaign.

I’ve been to Sydney before of course. When Oliver and I first landed in Australia we had made our way there after a couple of months. Standing at the Opera House in our shorts with all our worldly possessions in a Mazda Sedan parked illegally nearby, we both had a feeling of having reached an immense milestone. The trip had been years in the planning, and here we were, young and in love on the other side of the world and for a moment I thought he was about to propose to me. Later he said he said he suspected I was thinking that. I notice he didn’t actually bother to go ahead though.

Selfies weren’t invented back then so we never got a shot of the pair of us with the Opera House. Here’s one taken a couple of years after that, when I visited Sydney with my parents. Don’t worry, we always look tense in family photos. This is us having a ball.

With ian and edna in sydney

We haven’t been to Sydney with our two kids though, (we got round to marrying at some point) and since we live on this upside down part of the world, and since they won’t be interested in going anywhere with us in a few years’ time, we’re definitely taking the opportunity, gleaning those family memories and getting those snaps with the big coat-hanger in the background.

We love going  on holiday together, it’s what families are made for. We’re not very good at formal snaps.

We’re going in July, and perhaps by that time I should have heard back from Unbound. They’re a new and daringly different publishing outfit based in London. The imprint was set up by three writers who were sick of mainstream publishers looking for blockbusters and leaving piles of unpublished writers cast adrift on the sidelines. At Unbound, if they like your manuscript, they help you crowdfund it. You still have to drive the campaign yourself, but if you reach about 70%, they do everything they can to get it over the line. Then they publish it for you.

It’s a little tricky for me because all my contacts and group memberships that I’ll tap into are over here in Australia – and Unbound are in the UK and so are their readers and supporters. But they accept submissions from everywhere.

In my rewards, I’ve generously offered to fly to London and sign multiple copies of my book, for posting out to supporters. I’ve also offered invites to a book launch here in Launceston, Tasmania – although you have to buy your own flight and accommodation. You could go the whole hog and stump up for a top level reward as well – three nights’ accommodation staying with the wife here on the farm.

But I’m going off with a bang before the fuse has even been lit. I’ve only submitted today and it will be four weeks before someone from Unbound gets back to me. Let’s hope we’re standing on the quayside by the Opera House with something big to celebrate this time!

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