Beeswax food wraps – they’re a thing

How excited was I to find this product last week, a bona fide means of reducing the use of plastic in my kitchen – and it’s made in Launceston!!

Bronwyn Kidd has spent the past couple of years travelling. Now back in Tasmania, she finds she doesn’t want to work in the traditional sense for someone else, but wants to be in business for herself, making and selling a product that ties in with her own personal philosophies. So far so smart.

So she has created the EcoKidd Beeswax Food Wrap and launched just ten days ago from her home in West Launceston.


The product is essentially a cotton square coated in a mixture of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil which makes it waterproof, pliable and slightly sticky – just enough to adhere to a bowl you wrap it over, or itself when you whip it up into a nifty box, cone or wrap.

It’s food-safe, of course, and  reusable. Wraps will last about a year if you treat them nicely and wipe them clean in cold water. The reusability is key for Bronwyn, who’s on a mission to help us all stop using so much plastic. ‘It’s shocking that we throw out so much and it sits there in landfill,’ she says. ‘You can’t even imagine how much rubbish is building up out there, we’re so sheltered from it.’

She sees her wraps being used by all sorts of people, anyone who takes pride in their food and their kitchen and in reducing the waste they produce. She is selling retail and wholesale at markets, through local shops and through her website.

‘The great thing about the shops here is that so many are open to Tasmanian products,’ says Bronwyn. And what a great idea she has, a shoo-in for gift shops as well as food retailers and cafes, such as the Milkbar Café on St.John Street, whose owners have a commitment to supporting local products and reducing their waste.
With the occasional help of partner Matthias, Bronwyn has spent a year developing her product, researching how to get a business off the ground and build a brand. She’s built her own website, takes her own photos, and as you can see from the photos, is even a natural in hand-modelling and food-wrap origami.

I love this product. I’m always looking for something to wrap my kids’ sandwiches in for their lunchboxes which isn’t cling-wrap. I don’t mind using baking paper, but the beeswax wrap keeps things fresher, and is completely reusable. I’m sold, and I can’t wait to see how Bronwyn goes with the business.

You can find and buy Bronwyn’s beeswax food wraps on the EcoKidd website and very soon at local retailers around Launceston and beyond.

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